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NFFCU is going Green for 2014!Money isn’t the only thing that is green these days. NFFCU is going paperless!

According to environmental impact statistics the average office worker prints 10,000 pages of paper documents a year.  That means, according to the US EPA,  the environmental impact of ten workers is the consumption of 250 trees, 5,600 gallons of oil, 59,500 kilowatts of energy and contributes 45 cubic yards of landfill in one year.

Software and hardware technologies have evolved to allow for the digital creation, distribution and storing of electronic documents. Conducting business in a digital environment results in faster and more efficient ways of communicating with the customer base, and reduces costs.

So we are going paperless to save all around. We will no longer be printing the paper newsletter but its important to us that we stay connected. Please sign up for the e-newsletter by clicking on this link (Insert hyperlink here) and you can stay informed of all that’s going on at NFFCU.

By going green we save trees, save energy, save oil, save space, save time and save the other green stuff – Money!

*Statistics were extracted from and, april 3,2012*”

Target Announces Data Breach | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionTarget announces data breach apparently extended to all Target stores in the U.S. for credit and debit cards used between Nov 27 and Dec 15, 2013.

Information concerning this breach can be found on the Target website.

Any Newark Firemen FCU Member who may be concerned on the safety of their credit or debit card used at Target between Nov 27 and Dec 15, 2013 should contact the credit union immediately.

A new card can be issued, but with the holiday mail volume please be advised that the new card may take extra time to arrive.

Beat the Fees

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Beat the Fees | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionYour credit union wants you to “beat the fees” with your very own Newark Firemen FCU ATM/Debit Card. This card is offered with no sign-up fee and no annual fee.

A Newark Firemen FCU ATM/Debit Card may be used for free at the NFFCU ATM and at any of the 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide—easy to find using this CO-OP Network link:

A credit union checking account is required to have a Newark Firemen FCU ATM/Debit Card.  

With summer coming, this is great way to have easy access to your cash while out and about. 

Happy Holidays | Newark FIremen Federal Credit UnionThe Newark Firemen Federal Credit Union wishes all of our members, their families and friends a safe and joyous holiday season filled with beautiful moments and cherished memories.

May you have the joy of family, the happiness of friends, and the love of the season, and may its magic and wonder fill your hearts and homes, and bring you health, happiness, and prosperity now and throughout the New Year.

Thinking about a Mortgage this Fall? | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionYou might not think of fall and winter as times of the year for real estate. But with rates at all-time lows and home ownership as popular as ever, this can be a perfect time of year to look at your real estate options.

Whether you’re looking at first-time buying, refinancing of property you already own, or a second-home purchase, your Newark Firemen Federal Credit Union has mortgage plans to help you make your dream come true.

Contacting us over the weeks and months ahead will mean we’ll be able to create, for you, a custom, secure mortgage, with a competitive rate and fees from our wide variety of mortgage options.

No matter what your circumstances are, a mortgage from NFFCU will work side by side with your other plans for improving your quality of life. With us, you’ll get the deal done— and get it done the right way.

In our office or through our website, ours is a simple, seamless process with no surprises. We offer fixed-rate financing—ideal if you prefer predictable monthly payments and a fixed interest rate—adjustable-rate financing—which might be right for you if you want lower initial mortgage payments—and alternative mortgage options—such as a reduced-cost mortgage achieved by paying points to get a lower rate. Ask us about this!

You can trust the NFFCU—we’re your credit union—to guide you through your home buying or refinancing experience. Our staff pride themselves on taking the stress out of the process.

Contact us today.

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