Muse Marketing Launches NEW Newark Firemen FCU Website!

Welcome to the new Newark Firemen Federal Credit Union Website

This website is the result of many months of synchronized hard work done by our team and The Muse Marketing Group in analyzing and designing the concept.

The website puts you in control while you learn about and choose from among the many fine products and services your credit union has available. Here you can check rates, get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, and do business with your credit union. The new site puts you in control.

In addition to the informative content, the design is developed in a way so as to provide an excellent user experience while learning about all that the Newark Firemen FCU has available. While we offer rich content already, we continually strive to add more information to update you with the latest credit union happenings so that you stay current.

We hope that you enjoy discovering the new website and that you find it easy to navigate and pleasant to use.