Target Announces Data Breach | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionTarget announces data breach apparently extended to all Target stores in the U.S. for credit and debit cards used between Nov 27 and Dec 15, 2013.

Information concerning this breach can be found on the Target website.

Any Newark Firemen FCU Member who may be concerned on the safety of their credit or debit card used at Target between Nov 27 and Dec 15, 2013 should contact the credit union immediately.

A new card can be issued, but with the holiday mail volume please be advised that the new card may take extra time to arrive.

Beat the Fees

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Beat the Fees | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionYour credit union wants you to “beat the fees” with your very own Newark Firemen FCU ATM/Debit Card. This card is offered with no sign-up fee and no annual fee.

A Newark Firemen FCU ATM/Debit Card may be used for free at the NFFCU ATM and at any of the 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide—easy to find using this CO-OP Network link:

A credit union checking account is required to have a Newark Firemen FCU ATM/Debit Card.  

With summer coming, this is great way to have easy access to your cash while out and about. 

Happy Holidays | Newark FIremen Federal Credit UnionThe Newark Firemen Federal Credit Union wishes all of our members, their families and friends a safe and joyous holiday season filled with beautiful moments and cherished memories.

May you have the joy of family, the happiness of friends, and the love of the season, and may its magic and wonder fill your hearts and homes, and bring you health, happiness, and prosperity now and throughout the New Year.

Vehicle Purchase Special - EXTENDED | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionThe Newark Firemen Federal Credit Union knows the holidays mean auto specials are hitting the market!  Looking for a new (or new to you) car?

Now is the time to shop and receive this super low rate offered by NFFCU! This promotion will only be extended another 30 days – so schedule your dream car test drive with your dealer today!

Holidays are Expensive – Save Money | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionHere are some money-saving tips to use this holiday season.

Instead of holiday cards, send postcards or letters. Postcards require less postage and letters are far more personal—and, these days, unusual. You can cut your old holiday cards in half and send the pretty half as a postcard. You might even make your own from card stock from the craft store.

Instead of wrapping paper, use magazine pages to wrap gifts. The comic section of your newspaper also makes nice wrapping paper. Children’s old artwork can make charming wrapping, or you and your children might create your own on plain paper. Large reams of packing paper are great for this. People in the process of moving usually have a lot.

Gift tags can be made, too, by cutting small pieces of matching wrapping paper and folding them in half. Writing the “To” and “From” on the inside of the paper and taping it to the wrapped present works great. This is also a good use for scraps of paper that are too small to wrap a gift, but too large to toss away. Cut-up, old Christmas cards make wonderful gift tags too. And if you sew, you could also use scrap material to wrap gifts.

For decorating the house, try food and other natural items. Pop some popcorn and string it up. Adding cranberries adds color. Gather up some pinecones and acorns and place them around inside. Sprinkling them with a few drops of pine-scented oil adds a great effect.

Movies are expensive. How about taking a drive around your town—or a different town—to see Christmas lights? This is less-expensive and everyone can talk to each other while sharing in the fun.

Get out the board games. Your children will love spending the time with you. If you don’t have many to choose from, maybe you can borrow a new game from a friend or neighbor who might have a closet full of them. Playing cards is always fun too. Even little children can play Go Fish. And you’ll be making memories. And remember to sing. Many churches and groups have sing-along get-togethers during the holidays.

If you have a fireplace, sit around a warm fire, or cozy up in the living room with blankets and hot cocoa. Tell family stories. Have everyone take turns saying how they have been blessed throughout the year. Being thankful puts you in the spirit. You might also check out a famous holiday book from the library and read it together as a family.

There are so many fun and exciting ways to celebrate the holidays while keeping costs low. Remember, it’s not about what you spend. It’s what you get to experience.

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