NFFCU Homepage Now Features New Mortgage Link

Mortgages - Start your mortgage application process online. Save time, save money! | Newark Firemen Federal Credit UnionYour credit union is making your mortgage borrowing easier by featuring a simple homepage link to understanding all of your credit union’s mortgage resources.

Click on the Mortgages link near the bottom of the NFFCU homepage and you’re brought to My CU Home Loans. Now partnered with NFFCU, My CU Home Loans is a company helping credit union members explore the mortgage process.

Check rates and fees, use the calculators to figure out monthly payments, learn about saving money with a 15-year mortgage—or by paying points to get a lower interest rate, and more,

Learn what to expect from the easy-to-read explanations, answers to frequently-asked questions, and the easy-to-search glossary. Learn about appraisals, home inspections, and insurance, as well as the types of housing you can mortgage through your credit union including single family homes, condominiums, mobile homes and factory-built homes.

Of course, you can ask questions and apply online.

This great new feature is another way that your credit union is making your financial life easier.