NFFCU is going Green for 2014!

NFFCU is going Green for 2014!Money isn’t the only thing that is green these days. NFFCU is going paperless!

According to environmental impact statistics the average office worker prints 10,000 pages of paper documents a year.  That means, according to the US EPA,  the environmental impact of ten workers is the consumption of 250 trees, 5,600 gallons of oil, 59,500 kilowatts of energy and contributes 45 cubic yards of landfill in one year.

Software and hardware technologies have evolved to allow for the digital creation, distribution and storing of electronic documents. Conducting business in a digital environment results in faster and more efficient ways of communicating with the customer base, and reduces costs.

So we are going paperless to save all around. We will no longer be printing the paper newsletter but its important to us that we stay connected. Please sign up for the e-newsletter by clicking on this link (Insert hyperlink here) and you can stay informed of all that’s going on at NFFCU.

By going green we save trees, save energy, save oil, save space, save time and save the other green stuff – Money!

*Statistics were extracted from and, april 3,2012*”