Newark Firemen
Federal Credit UnionServing Our Members Since 1940

Fee Schedule

Credit Card - Cash Advance Fee$2.00
Credit Card - Late Payment Fee$39.00
Credit Card - Returned Payment$40.00
Dormant Account ChargeFREE
Drafts (Checking) - Reconciliation Analysis$35.00/hour
Drafts (Checking) - Copy of Member Draft$3.00
Drafts (Checking) - Original Member Draft$5.00
Drafts (Checking) - Overdrawn TransferThree (3) FREE
Drafts (Checking) - Returned Draft: Non-Available Funds$40.00
Drafts (Checking) - Returned Draft: NSF$40.00
Drafts (Checking) - Stop Payment Member Draft$10.00
Loan - Late Payment Fe$50.00 minimum
2% if greater
Loan - Servicing Fee (less than six months old)$50.00
Money Orders up to $1,000.00)$0.50
Returned Deposited Check$40.00
Stop Payment NFFCU Draft$40.00
Wire Transfer Fee$15.00
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