A Word About ADA Compliance

Dear Members,

The main goal of NFFCU is to provide each our members with the latest technologies.  We also strive to make our website easy for our members to navigate and use.

With that said, we feel it is necessary to ensure that our website is accessible to all members.  As per Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Newark Firemen FCU will be conducting a review of our website and confirming that it meets all ADA standards for use.

Once the review of our website has been completed, we will be updating and optimizing our site to provide all members and visitors with ease of access.

It is our hope that this process will be complete and that all upgrades will be made for the new year.  We look forward to providing you, our members, with the best and most accessible technology available.


Eugene Benick

President & Chief Executive Officer

Newark Firemen FCU